Hey people John now, would you like to have access to the Internet, no matter where you are for all of your electronic maneuvers in your residence? Well, today we’re going to talk about a portable router brought to us by Hotspot, Unlimited 5G, that solves that particular question. Today, we’re looking at the Nighthawk m1let’s check it out so people this solution from Hotspot Unlimited 5G is gonna solve numerous exert occurrences. If you were looking to have internet access in your dwelling, maybe if you have a summer home or a wintertime shack that you want to go to or if you’re, just simply jaunt and would like to have a hotspot for business roles. You’Ll want to check out this video because we’re talking about an unlimited data solution that has no throttling for a very low price, with a very good router.

So let’s go ahead and take a look at the specs and we’ll talk about the use events associated with the solution from Hotspot. Unlimited 5G: let’s get right to it, make sure you hit the agree-on button and sound the little bell icon to get notified when brand-new videos become available. So now, let’s take a closer look at the router and all the features before we do the unboxing. So what you have here is the Nighthawk m1gigabit LTE mobile router and, as we take a look at the features, you’re gonna have a router capable of downloading data and uploading data at the most wonderful possible accelerations for an LTE router. So this is really good.

Velocities, as you can see here, you do have an integrated data usage, monitor which again, because Wireless by is giving you unlimited data with no throttling. It’S just good to know what your data usage is, but you’re not gonna have to worry about it. You know stumbling any caps. You do have super-fast Wi-Fi and the ability to connect up to 20 designs. You also have the fact that you can use this at a single price, because it has a robust battery all day, extremely if you’re traveling, if you’re RVing, or if you’re you know just out in the park, and you want to have internet access in the hotspot.

For several designs, you can do that to the actual hotspot, too, can serve as an artillery backup to any designs, and that’s also a great thing to have. It has parental dominations and you have two ways of accessing the actual router. You were able to either use the mobile app or you can use your browser going through your app to access all the fits. So let’s do the unboxing. Now, as we do, the unboxing a duet I just wanted to mention is that the internet service is being provided through or via t-mobile, and, as we take a look at the router, this is a really hefty router.

It’S one of the best-in-class routers on the market available today, so we’ll go ahead and put it over to the side and you’ll see that, after that, what we have is a user guide. So if you’re interested in the user guide and then what you have is a power brick and then a USBC cable. So you have a modern cable that you’re gonna be associate your router too so now. Let’S take a closer look at the router and we’ll talk about all the features that we see here all right. So, first of all, you can see that there’s a showing where you can see how much data you’ve utilized and how many daylights are left on your design, now keep in mind that Hotspot, Unlimited 5G is giving you unlimited data with no throttling.

So this is just a good indication so that you can see how much you’ve worked. It’S also going to show how many maneuvers “ you’ve had”, connected now in our home design card cutters. So we have no standard television, no cable, television, and everything is coming through the internet. So we’re talking about Netflix you’re, talking about Hulu you’re, talking about all those services Amazon, they all work, fine with us and one of the nifty things about this is that you have two stripes on this router. So if I press this button, formerly what you’ll notice is that it’s gonna permutation and substantiate your 2.

4 gigahertz strip. If you press it again, it’s going to show you your 5 gigahertz person, so “ you’ve, had”, two bandings, that you can work with now. The significance of this is that, if you are in, let’s say a college, placing or even in an airport where there’s a lot of two-point-four usage and you’ll, find that anywhere, you’re gonna find a lot of parties in a lot of connectivity. Switching over to five can make a big difference when it comes to accelerating. I tend to use five even on my phone when I use it as a hotspot.

That’S what I go with so the fact that it has two parties – and you can see those two parties is a really good thing. Now, as we look at this side here in the front, you have a USB port. This USB port is used to charge another maneuver or to do a physical leash. I haven’t used a tether facet, but I have squandered it as a battery backup to my tablet or my phone, and it cultivates really well you’ll notice. Likewise that you have your USB C port and then you have an Ethernet communication now this easier net linkage is an Ethernet in so if you’re in an inn, positioning – and you want to continue to use your router but actually roadway the internet from the inn through The router for security grounds you were able to do that as well.

Now, let’s say you’re in an extremely field and for whatever reason, you’re not getting good connectivity. One of the things that you could also do with this router is attach an antenna. So what are you’re? Seeing here are the context stages that you can actually connect an external antenna that you are eligible to maybe mount outside, or you can mount it on on your window with the glass suction cup all right on this area right here you have your power button and That’S all there is to it now. Many of you may be curious as to what kind of speeds I’m getting in my home.

So let’s go ahead and do this so I’m connected to the router. I am in accelerated measure and I’m gonna smash disappear. So we’re just gonna determine what kind of moves were get. What are our download velocities and what are our upload velocities are remembered. This is gonna vary based on where you live too.

You know what kind of noise you have in your place. How many maneuvers “ you’ve got in” your home, but as you’re seeing here, I’m getting a hundred and seventeen looks a lot like a hundred seventeen megabits yeah a hundred seventeen megabytes, and then from an upload there. It leads 17, 18 19, and see if it bides at 19 yeah. It looks like it’s gonna stay at 19. So that’s not bad again.

Unlimited data. All on this plan, it’s going to be 117 downloads for me, 19 up. It’S pretty good! Alright. Now, for those of you who may be curious about streaming things like YouTube, let me show you how that would work, so I’m gonna exactly add my channel.

Now I’m gonna choose one of the most recent videos that I’ve done, and here you see how quickly the video is coming up and is being dished and again that’s all coming through this router. So it’s pretty fast we’re gonna do. Is we’re gonna go back and we’ll try another video really to give you a sense and pick this one on some other straps and you can see how snappy that is. We’Re gon na pause this one get into another video, we’ll prefer this one right here and you’ll notice how it comes up and it’s going to start playing well. Do it one more time precisely you can see the rate we’re gonna try this mystery box, one and you’ll notice BAM it’s working so extremely, very fast connectivity and again it’s gonna accommodate the needs of your dwelling either a mobile home or your physical home.

Alright, so now, let’s take a closer look at the app, so I departed onward and I logged into the app – and there are two versions of this app there’s – a version that’s available on Android and a version that’s available on iOS and they both have the same Features so as we take a look at the app itself as soon as you log in you’re gonna see how much data usage you’ve used, what the session has been like and that’s what you construe there. The actual network as well as your artillery position. But your hope is right which like I said you don’t have to worry about that. You do have your network name as well as a rector to that structure and then you’ll notice at the bottom, that you have two bandings. You have five gigahertz and a 2.

4 gigahertz. This is supportive, both straps moving at the same time, which is really important because in your home there are at present devices that may not support five so having both parties. Croaking is important because then that gives you maximum compatibility. So now let’s go ahead and check the Wi-Fi area, so no Wi-Fi area, you’re gonna see that you have 2.4 gigahertz, 5 gigahertz or a dual clique in my suit.

I would advise that “ you’ve had”, both departing because you do have designs in your residence they’re, going to support one or the other yeah. So it’s this is gonna give you peak compatibility. Now you can see all the detail that you would expect in a router, but for your primary, your secondary as well as some other puts that are pretty standard when you’re looking at you know time routers in general, you can see your maneuvers and you’ll visualize, the Maneuver appoints and then what you could do is go into this little support area. So the app is pretty straightforward and quite simple. So next, let’s check out the website.

So we can see where we can find this router so we’re here at Wireless bhai’s website and you can notice. This is the router page and you’ll see that the router itself is $ 219. So that’s $ 219 for this router and then you’re looking at $ 99a month no contract, unlimited data, no throttling for up to 20 inventions. That’S a great deal! What do you think about this router?

What do you think about the capabilities? Let me know in the comment area below and as always, thanks for watching

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