If you’ve been following my direction for a while

you’ll know that I was playing around with a micro ticking 4g modem as a means to have a backup internet connection. In case my customary provider has an outage for whatever reason – and it’s particularly important at the moment, especially with a lot of people succeeding from the residence because if the internet service does neglect, you are effectively isolated and possibly not able to work. And so today we’re going to have a look at this offering from 4glteunlimited.com it’s the mexone 4g wireless modem, router, and wi-fi access point. So it’s got everything building is genuine quite a small compact form factor it’s currently selling for about a hundred dollars, but you might be able to find a reject system to get a bit cheaper than that um, and so it’s got the specs now this one Is specifically designed for the USA, so it’s got the various stripes that I’m interested in for the service provider that I use, which is three um too sold on as smartie. They use band one strip three and ensemble 20, So those are the ones I’m particularly interested in and you can see here mostly it’s got four LAN ports on the back, and then it’s got four feelers two of them are for the lte boundary and then two Of them are for the 2.

gigahertz wi-fi

so this doesn’t have five gigahertz wi-fi, but given the speedings that you are happy to get, I don’t think that was going to be any kind of shortcoming and precisely a speedy name from our video patronize jlc PCB they’re. Now offering aluminum cards from really two dollars, which I think is incredible value for money, and if you take a look at the lineup sheet, you can see you can select the aluminum alternative. Now they’ve got various options still accessible, although the selection is a little bit more limited than the fr4 board. So you can pick the thickness from 1 to 1.6 millimeters.

You can still penalize the PCB and you can pick light-green grey or black, unhappily no enig option at the moment, but I think hot air solder level finish should be okay for most purposes, and you can see here a 10 by 10-centimeter board coming in at Two dollars, and even if you increase this quite considerably, you can see the rate is pretty good, a 300 by 300-millimeter PCB, which is really quite big-hearted. Five members of those for 53 dollars – I think, is incredible value for money, so I’ll position a tie-in in the description down below. If you are thinking about getting some aluminum timbers made – i is likely to be designing some to see what the quality is like. So we’ll check what they look like in a couple of weeks time inside the box, you get the unit itself, which I think is actually really nicely uttered, we’ll look at what the electronics is like, but certainly, it feels like a quality piece of kit and it’s Also, a really nice species ingredient and what I was thinking of, and why I liked this one is because it had these preparing holes. I might be able to fit this into the boot of my auto.

It’S powered by 12 volts

I used can use the 12-volt accessory socket in the boot, which merely powers up when you unlock the car, and so we can have wi-fi whenever we’re in the car for the boy’s tablets and that kind of thing I am going To be using one of these smarty sims again because they seem to work quite nicely and actually the prices are quite reasonable and I’ll give a connect in the description. If you did want to take a look at these, I think if you use that association you’ll get your first month free, but given the prices here, you know you can get 30 gigabytes for 10 pounds. That will probably do you for a month and I think that’s a reasonably reasonable premium for a couple of happy adolescents in the back of the car watching their youtube videos, um, so the human rights unit itself, then you get four antennae. Two of them are marked up 2.4 gigahertz and the other ones don’t have any markers they look the same.

But probably the span is different inside the plastic casing. You get a particularly flimsy, ethernet cable. It’S only got two pairs connected, but they are only 100 megabits per second lan ports on the side. So you don’t need all four duets connected. You get the ac adapter, which feels very lightweight.

So we will have a look inside this in a moment. Uh, the installation navigates, you get some sim adapters so that you can fit the claim size into here, and then it also came with these two fuckings. I don’t actually know what they’re for I’ve had a quick look around the unit and I can’t see anywhere where you’d need two quite small pins. So I’m not really sure what they’re for maybe we’ll catch out. When we set this up inside the power adapter, it appears fairly good.

Actually, normally the common mode choke is connected out, but they’ve still fitted that so that’s stopping switching racket, constructing its space back down to the ac network, we’ve got all of the components fitted. That would expect we’ve got a proper safety capacitor here across the transformer. We’Ve got a withdrawal chink which is nice to see, as well as a couple of slots where it’s important, so they’ve actually done an acceptable racket of designing this. You can see. They’Ve got a little twisty find instead of a fuse, but certainly, I think, there’s not too much to complain about here.

I think probably the weakest relation is going to be whether this transformer has been properly wound, but this is on the better end of the spectrum. In terms of cheap power supplies from China, I’m not going to be using this one because it’s got the wrong type of connector on now. So I’ll only pick up 12 volts, probably of the bench power supply for now to test this maneuver inside the unit. This is looking like a quality piece of kit. The assembly excellence is very good, so this doesn’t sort of an inexpensive PCB.

You can see here that all of the links – all the soldering in the layout actually are pretty good. We’Ve got the soc in the middle. Now, which is an mtk 7620, a that has the 2 4 gigahertz radio built-in so you can see a couple of black coaxers now with the coinciding factors on the PCB that has all of that built-in we’ve got um 16 megabytes of flash here. Some acquire bond blinking on the underside is 128 megabytes of ddr2 ram and you can see. We’Ve got numerous dc to dc converters, so I think we’re I wasn’t able to find the area crowd.

That’S on the stocks 23 uh substitutions, but these obviously book converters. I think we’ll probably be fine running this from 13.8 volts in the car, as opposed to 12 volts governed and then the LTE modem is a little plug-in modem. So we can plug this in here and, interestingly, the nails that it was held in with match those in the little suitcase. So maybe with different, open wrt firmware.

We can support some different modems. This one is only a feline 4 modem. So, although it braces download speeds up to 150 megabits per second and uploads 50 megabits per second, it doesn’t carry carrier aggregation, so you’re going to most certainly find that your races are quite a lot less than that. If you do have carrier aggregation, you’re more likely to get those high speeds, because it’s able to aggregate across various bands, but although women carry those high speeds, I doubt we’ll realise anywhere near that the manual doesn’t really mention the usage of the USB or sd Placard slits other than it says you can use this to connect a USB disk or hard drive and the sd card slot to read media registers, but I’m not really sure whether that entails it can do file-sharing or whether that is for firmware upgrades. So we’ve got the sim card plugged in at the side here.

So let’s supremacy it up and see what happens. It’S drawing about 100 milliamps from the power supply. So it’s been on about two minutes and I’ve not to regard any change now other than they contributed. Switching from the USB led to the wi-fi head, so let’s connect to the configuration page and see what’s going on. So here is the management interface for the router and it does look like it’s picked up some information about the 4g interface.

It’S saying it’s connected to smarty-pants with an 80 signal which is pretty good for my bureau downstairs um and it doesn’t like it’s getting some traffic over the 4g interface, maybe we’ll exactly check whether it’s actually manipulating so i haven’t actually modified any adjusts here. This is just working as soon as I put in the sim placard: let’s see what velocity we’re getting now so 17 megabits per second down and 7.6 megabits per second up, which is pretty good for where i am in the house. This has the weakest signal in this room and also it’s a flowering time of day, we’re probably likely to see most traffic on the 3g mass. So that’s looking pretty good.

We might just pop out and get closer to the transmitter and see if these fasts vary, but it looks like it’s done all of that without too much setting up. Certainly, I’ve just turned it on plainly. We do need to set some protection on the wi-fi, and then it does have all the usual stuff that you’d expect. So you’ve got things like your DHCP server, where you can set up the names on now static roads. It also has the ability to connect directly to the terminal and we’ve got structure, address translation as well.

So we can do all of that. On the advanced setup, we’ve got the usual firewall settings that we’d expect to see uh assistance applications. So you can manage this device through the gloom, I’m not going to enable that, specifically in fact I’ll leave that disabled so that it can’t be wirelessly administered and then we’ve got the various document sharing fixed. So this looks like if you plug in an sd poster or USB uh hard drive, we can actually share these files on the network, which is quite handy, so it examinations to be a fairly functional organization. This isn’t um the original explanation of open wrt, this glances to be one that the government has customized for this, but I think what we’re going to do now is just check what the accelerates are like as we modify our locating into an area where we get Slightly better quality of the signal, so I’ve just set up down a random artery, but this is actually the same cell tower that I’m connected to at my house, pointing in the same direction and really here I’ve set up the 4g modem.

So, let’s take a look at the rapidities that we’re getting so, as you can see, despite us being much closer to the tower we’re getting exactly the same quickens as before. So the distance doesn’t seem to have realise much of a difference and I believe just because it’s a weekday during the day we interpret quite a lot of readers connected to this map. So we’ll try another one. So this time we’ve got a three transmitter on the priorities in the bt telephone exchange. It’S uttering 100 signals here.

So let’s have a look at the rapidity difference, and so, as “ you’re seeing”, even at a different mast, you can see the rates are fairly similar. However, I’m now back in the lab and it’s just gone midnight and as “ you’re seeing”, the speedings are considerably different, so we’re getting a much higher uploaded download speed. So that really does suggest that three’s network is a little bit congested where I am so. I think what was quite interesting: there existed on the first mobile phone mast, which is the one that I was connected to when I was back in my lab. The quickens were not that much different, so it doesn’t was like the distance played a huge factor in the hurrying there, and one limitation that I did find with this device is: there is no cleverness from the web interface to set the band that it’s connected to so And in fact, you can’t even judgment which circle you’re connected to now.

You can send 80 commands instantly to the modem through the ssh connection, but mostly if you culminated up being connected to band 20, for example, which on three has quite a low bandwidth, I couldn’t find a way to then drop that back to band three or circle. One where we’ve got 15 or 20 megahertz bandwidth, and that would make us higher velocity. So that is one limitation that I spotted with this device and as a point of reference, I did likewise take a measurement on my mobile phone, which is a much more capable device, and you can see at the first orientation we’re getting massive 224 megabits per second Download 31.4 megabits per second up and at the other location you can see we get 102 megabits per second down and 43.9 megabits per second up.

So really pretty impressive moves and I think that’s partly to do with the modem. Maybe also there is something in the network that identifies whether it’s a mobile phone connected as opposed to a modem like this. However, when I then tether from my laptop from my phone through to the laptop, for example, you do sort of get those hurryings in bursts, but then it slips down to something a bit more like what you get from these. So I think, there’s a little bit of nonsense that they do to balance the traffic from these mobile phone masts anyway. So I think perhaps uh if we improved.

This is something that a cat6 modem, which it does support, we’d, probably match those velocities that we’re getting on the microtip procedure and, I think, there’s probably some limitations just with the congestion on the three systems during the day where I am but anyway “. I m hoping you” met its consideration of the report. Helpful I’ll give a link to this device in the description down below. I think bang could have got some proposals on uh for the next week or two now, so you might be able to find some rebate codes as well, but I reviewed this was quite a decent form factor and I’m certainly going to be installing this into my Vehicle so that we can have wi-fi wherever we go anyway. I hope you discovered the video beneficial, don’t forget to leave your comments and hopes down in the comment section down below until next time, thanks for watching

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